OHGIKUBO Hiromasa 2022 New Year’s Eve RIZIN Opponent Decided!

The mixed martial arts event “RIZIN” has become a tradition at the end of every year.
ePartners Co., Ltd. supports Hiromasa Ohgikubo as a uniform sponsor.

It has been decided that “RIZIN.40” will be held again this year, but RIZIN・
At the Bellator (Bellator: US martial arts organization) fight card announcement press conference,
“Hiromasa Ohgikubo VS Kyoji Horiguchi” was announced.

He has faced Horiguchi twice in the past, in March 2013 and July 2018, and has conceded victories both times.
It is a related partner.
During the press conference, Ohgikubo said, “It is fate (that the opponent is Horiguchi).”
Referring to his two defeats, he said, “I will definitely repay the debt I owed because I can’t be convinced as a man unless I repay it.”
and declared victory as soon as possible.
“We will have a great match, so please support us!”

I’m really looking forward to making this card a reality!
To be honest for the third time, I look forward to Ohgikubo’s “tenacious victory”!!

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