Accumulate immorality

When it comes to accumulating immorality, I think that some people may not like it because it smells like fragrance, but there is an easy way for anyone to get close to things like riding in the updraft and good luck. I feel that it is a matter of accumulating.
If you think about the opposite, it seems like you can understand it, but on the surface it seems to be doing well, but it seems like you are pulling out of your hand or pulling a person’s leg in an invisible place. If I keep doing things, I can imagine how it will be, apart from being slower and faster.
Of course, I think that “compassion is not for people” is also wonderful, but if you think that it is too embarrassing like a stand play, the method of accumulating immorality is a concern for the eyes around you. It may be possible to do it naturally.
It has been a long time since it was said to be the age of speed, but there is no need for speed or updates for such universal things, anyone can steadily accumulate, and practitioners can compound interest. I think that it is a method that will be greatly rewarded with.
The season has passed and spring is approaching every day.
I think that if you carefully and carefully accumulate good things even during the winter, you will be able to enjoy rich days both physically and mentally with the arrival of spring.

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