Relaxation and concentration

There will be almost no one who can be free from stress in daily business situations.
I think there are various situations where you feel stress, such as the pressure from your boss if you are a subordinate, or the anguish of pinching a board if you are a manager.
I think it is undeniable that good and bad stress handling in such an environment has a great influence on how much ability and talent you have.
Recently, the importance of life-work balance has been said loudly, and it is very important, but I think that it is undeniable that it can be realized only by satisfying the precondition that the results will be achieved properly within a certain time. increase.
In a stressful environment, one way to fully demonstrate your abilities and talents is to bring yourself to a relaxed and highly focused state.
In the world of sports, it’s called a zone.
I think it’s rare to be in the problem zone, but if you can guide yourself to a state close to that, there is no doubt that you will be able to achieve high results sooner or later in the business world and in any world. must.
To that end, under what circumstances have you been performing well? I think it’s a good idea to look back and make it reproducible.
There are a lot of individual differences, so it’s not like an equation, but I can extract my psychological tendencies and habits from a bird’s-eye view and derive my winning pattern from them. I think that is a shortcut.
Not only do you think about this in your head, but if you write it down on paper, you will find something unexpected and interesting.
In the world of economics, there is a phrase “Cool Head, but Warm Heart”, but I think it might be a good idea to make this one of the ideal forms.

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