Red heart and peace blur

Various opinions have been issued in the security-related bills, and although it is completely an amateur’s point of view, I have a frank impression that “I wonder if Japan is out of peace.”
I don’t know how difficult the bill is, but I don’t really understand why I’m trying to give up strengthening Japan’s diplomatic cards.
I think everyone is completely sorry for the war, but from the perspective of actually avoiding the war and minimizing the damage, I think it is better to have more diplomatic cards. I think that the stronger it is, the more deterrent it will be, and the more it will contribute to the national interest. Is that shallow?
At first glance, the criticism of putting the SDF at risk sounds reasonable, but if you say that, what about the risks and dangers of the firefighters?
It may not be possible to reduce the risk and mortality rate of firefighters to zero, but I think that various efforts and efforts are being made to bring it as close to zero as possible.
The same is true for the risks of SDF personnel, and war is not something that can be avoided only by the ideals and circumstances of one’s own country, and if involved, efforts should be made to minimize it, and before that. I think it will be easier to have a stronger and larger card at the diplomatic stage of the stage, which will lead to war avoidance and minimization of damage.
We should face the fact that there is a country in the neighboring country that does not try to hide its territorial ambitions, and if there is a major change in the political economy of that country, the worst assumption is that it will take into consideration World War III. I feel that it is sound crisis management to keep in mind.
You must have realized that it is impossible or impossible because of the nuclear accident and the financial crisis once in a hundred years, but if you are too throaty, you will forget about the heat.
As a matter of fact, if you look at the forcible landfill works in the South China Sea, it seems that you can somehow understand what that means even from an amateur’s point of view.
Also, from an economic point of view, if a bill that contributes to national interests is passed, it will lead to an increase in national power, and if there is an increase in national power, it will contribute to the economy, but vice versa. It is hard to imagine, and if the economy becomes better and the virtuous circle becomes more active, it will contribute to the protection of the lives and property of the people.

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