Flowering and growth of talent

Recently, I read a book called “People have” multiple personalities “,” Techniques for talent flowering “(Kobunsha new book) by Hiroshi Tasaka, which no one talked about, and I felt that it was a very interesting and memorable book.
It makes me think that reading is wonderful when I come across such books.
Here, I would like to avoid touching the contents of the work as much as possible, but I would like to touch the part where I hit my knee without thinking “That’s what it is!” increase.
I think that everyone, regardless of age or sex, has suffered from pressure, but I can know the maturity to some extent by how I feel about this and how I think about it, and what level I am now. I was made to think that I could measure what it was.
I’m observing two people, one who feels pressure and suffers from stomachache and nausea, and one who enjoys such self (I know that I can grow a little when I get over this). myself.
Until now, I have only known the stage up to “I am enjoying myself”, and I have not come to have the perspective of observing both myself who is suffering and myself who is enjoying it. It was.
I think the book was a very useful book just to know this (of course, I think it is a masterpiece that makes me feel a lot of deep intelligence).
The importance of a bird’s-eye view is often said, and I always feel that I should be able to see myself as if I were looking at another person in red, but at the same time, so are things that are so “easy to say and difficult to do”. I also feel that there is no such thing.
If I don’t have the perspective of observing myself like a third party, I think it could have catastrophic consequences in the world of investment and speculation, and I think I’ve seen a lot of them.
I feel that there should be a certain degree of correlation between maturity and the outcome of investment and speculation, but I am not an expert in “behavioral finance and investment psychology”, so someone can easily understand this masterpiece. I’m thinking of waiting leisurely for you to write (^ _ ^;)
What is the relationship between seeing yourself as a third party and maturity? However, if you use a word such as “He can’t see you”, it’s used to refer to an inexperienced person, so it shouldn’t be a mistake.
Of course, in addition to the bird’s-eye view and observation, the book also contains many thought-provoking and easy-to-understand techniques regarding the flowering and growth of talent.

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