Junk information

It is said that humans have not evolved since 50,000 years ago, and it is said that the brain remains the hardware of 50,000 years ago.
I think that if you pack strange information into it, the icon will freeze like a computer with a round and round shape.
Information that is not very valuable, such as net news, information that is eye-catching at first glance, but nothing remains after reading, is called junk information.
And it is said that if this junk information is packed too much, it will be in a state called “information metabolic syndrome”.
In one experiment, people who touched too much information had lower IQ than when they smoked marijuana, so it’s hard to be stupid.
The word decluttering has become more widespread than a certain level, but in an era of information overload, it may be necessary to consider how to keep a distance from information that has increased too much, and how to shut it out. not.
I don’t think I’m the only one who feels the annoyance of advertising when browsing the internet.
Recently, I’ve become accustomed to it, and I feel that the implicit message “I have to be someone, there’s something you’re missing now, that’s it !!” is cleverly incorporated. What is your intention in developing this kind of advertisement? I came to think sometimes.
Well, that seems to be a useless input of information (^ _ ^;)
In addition, “connection fatigue” due to excessive SNS dependence has also become a hot topic.
In order to get closer to the essence, I think it is sometimes important to thoroughly eliminate waste and pursue simplicity.
It is a famous story that the late Steve Jobs was thoroughly minimalist.
It is said that the number of payments was reduced as much as possible by thoroughly removing unnecessary functions and disliking the fall from the best design to a generalized and stale design.
Since each person has their own hobbies and tastes, it cannot be said unconditionally, but it is surprisingly refreshing to set up an information detox day about once a month that shuts out all information on TV, the Internet, smartphones, newspapers, etc. I think it’s good to get it.

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