Workers are better suited for investment! ??

When it comes to investment, I think many people think of stocks and FX first.
I won’t discuss the difference between investment and speculation here, but I think it is very good for business people who are worried about the future to invest so as not to exceed their risk tolerance.
I think that the risk tolerance varies depending on attributes such as age and gender, but I think that the accumulation of index funds using online securities in “hurry up” is suitable for many people.
Index investment in investment trusts is surprisingly easy, and many of them can be saved from 1,000 yen monthly.
Also, if you look up the index type on the Internet securities, there are not so many types, so I think that it will not take much effort to select.
Furthermore, if you select the no-load type (no purchase fee), the number will be narrowed down further, so it will be easier to compare.
Above all, in the case of the accumulation of investment trusts using online securities, I think the biggest thing is that it does not affect the main business.
Even if the investment goes a little well, if you get a low evaluation in your main business because you are out of your job, you will end up falling.
Also, in the case of reserves, time can be given to allies, and the dollar cost averaging method will be effective, so I think it is a good place to work with a long-term stance.
I think many people have vague anxieties such as “Is it possible to get a pension in the future?” “It will be an era of declining birthrate and aging population, and it will be an increasingly difficult era.”
If you are a young person, I think it is very good to go abroad and take on the challenge, but I think that there are many people who cannot do that as a matter of fact.
The threshold for the accumulation of investment trusts is surprisingly low.
If you are giving advice to those who are accumulating investment trusts for the first time, I think it is better to use online securities, select an index type, and select a no-load type (zero purchase fee). increase.
It is also good to utilize NISA.
I think that there are many people who are about to enter the summer vacation in August.
If you are interested in investing but don’t know what to start with, you can start by accumulating index-type investment trusts.
And if you start with the motto of continuing for a long time with a reasonable amount of money, I think that there will be many unexpected big rewards in the future.

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