Attractiveness of overseas funds

In some ASEAN countries, the fixed deposit interest rate of the largest domestic bank, of which Japan’s Mega Bank is the largest shareholder, is over 7% (in US dollars), which is not uncommon in emerging countries. I think so. Also, in terms of real estate development and infrastructure development, I think that there are a large number of countries that are showing vibrancy reminiscent of Japan’s high-growth period.
In recent news, there was news that Kirin Brewery acquired a major beer company in Myanmar.
When I think about it, I feel that at least the frontiers of this era are ASEAN countries.
Among the infrastructure funds involved in highway construction and port business in certain ASEAN countries, there is also a principal protection type fund that is unthinkable in Japan today (banks in trust are the world’s leading super-major banks). ),It is very interesting.
Of course, seeing is believing, and I think it’s important to look at the site with your own eyes, but I think you’ll get enough returns to match it.
Many of the younger generation may not know it, but I remember that the interest rate on fixed deposits at Japanese post offices about 20 years ago was lightly over 6%. Now, in developed countries, the zero interest rate has been in a strange situation for a long time, and attention is focused on how the US interest rate hike will change.
I think there are many things to worry about, such as the timing of interest rate hikes in the United States and economic trends in China, but I’m skeptical because it’s a bubble when everyone is optimistic and even a boy who shines shoes recommends stocks. It may be necessary in the investment world to stay calm.
No one knows the future, but I think that if you can go in the right direction in a long span, you will often be greatly rewarded in the future.
Under these circumstances, some overseas funds are performing steadily, and some are principal-protected funds entrusted by the above-mentioned global mega banks.
Next week, I will be attending the party of my respected teacher, and I hope that I can enjoy learning various things in it.
I feel that it is a good idea to take an overseas fund as one of the options to have a broad perspective and invest in the one that suits you.

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